Somaliland: Computer science professor aids Somaliland’s election | The Observer

The government of Somaliland asked Notre Dame computer science professor Kevin Bowyer with graduate students Amanda Sgroi and Estefan Ortiz to use their iris recognition biometric research to improve the legitimacy of their elections. Somaliland is a self-declared independent state directly north of Somalia recognized by the international community and U.S. as an autonomous region of Somalia. According to a College of Engineering press release, it is transforming into a rare, multiparty democracy in the Horn of Africa and is working to establish honest, respected elections. “Someone in Somaliland sent me an e-mail asking me to help with improving their voting register,” Bowyer said. “They said they wanted to use iris-recognition technology and asked us for help. The ultimate goal is that you can only vote one time,” Sgroi said. “If you’re trying to vote a second time, then the iris recognition system is going to block you before you can even cast your ballot.”

Somaliland: Electoral commission under fire as opposition warns against postponing poll | Sabahi Online

Tension continues to escalate over the registration of voters in the Somaliland region after opposition leaders warned that security could deteriorate if the general elections slated to take place next year are delayed. Somaliland electoral commission holds mock election New political party registration delays Somaliland elections Somaliland holds mock elections to test electoral process. In a joint statement released August 11th, the opposition coalition — comprising the Justice and Welfare Party (UCID), the Waddani Party and the Consultation Forum, a group of independent politicians — accused the government of wilfully delaying the voter registration exercise. They said the ruling party was deliberately trying to stonewall the process and delay the parliamentary and presidential elections slated for mid-2015 in an attempt to extend the term of the Kulmiye government led by President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo. Peace is conditional upon democracy, and democracy is threatened any time elections are postponed or exceed their timeline, the group said.

Somaliland: Swerves on the Road: election report launched | Somaliland Sun

International election observation mission to Somaliland’s local council elections, assembled by Progressio, University College London and Somaliland Focus (UK), launches final report highlighting the “swerves on the road” as Somaliland continues to drive its developing democracy forward. The 50-strong team from 20 countries was invited by Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) to observe voting on and before polling day, November 28th 2012. Six months on, the public release of the mission report notes that once again, Somalilanders displayed their dedication to the unique democratic spirit they have crafted from their challenging history.

Somaliland: After Deadly Protests, Somaliland Electoral Commission Reviews Results |

The electoral commission of the breakaway region of Somaliland, announced that it would be recounting the votes from Hargiesa district elections, after violent protests broke out on Thursday, Garowe Online reports. Hargeisa residents waited anxiously on Saturday as the NEC issued a much-anticipated statement, saying that it would be recounting Hargeisa district election results. For two days south Hargeisa erupted into protests after preliminary results were released Thursday.

Somaliland: Mayor attacks Somaliland election commission office in Erigabo | Garowe Online

Gunmen attacked the offices of Somaliland Election Commission in Erigabo town in Sanaag region on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports. According to local media, the attack occurred around midday Tuesday in Erigabo, there were no reports of injuries or deaths. Somaliland political parties have been conducting campaigns in towns and districts under control of Somaliland authorities. Somaliland officials have pleaded for peaceful campaigns although the process has been marred by political infighting between political parties.

Somaliland: Students Demonstrate Against the Electoral Commission, Presidential Convoy held up  |

Students at the prestigious TIMA-CADDE University yesterday held a massive demonstration in Gebiley town against the national electoral commission. The students demonstration coincided with same time the Presidential convoy was passing through the town en-route to Borama , with reports saying the President  Silanyo convoy was booed and others even suggesting their attempted stoning of the convoy.

Somaliland: Electoral Commission Gears up For Local elections But still Fails to set Date for Polls |

The Somaliland Electoral Commission spokesperson Mr. Mohamed Ahmed hirsi (geelle) speaking at a press conferences speaking at the brand new commission headquarters  has confirmed that the government of Somaliland has deposited the 25% of the funds required for the upcoming local government Election which are due to be held soon. The NEC spokesperson revealed to the press the government of Somaliland had deposited the 25% of the funds required for the upcoming local elections and that we are currently awaiting for the funds which were promised to us by international donors for the process.

Somaliland: National Electoral Commission Upheld The Decision Taken By Somaliland House of Representatives |

Somaliland National Electoral Commission upheld the decision taken by Somaliland House of Representatives which said that the forthcoming local council elections will be held without voter registration. The Commission announced that they will abide by the decision made by Somaliland parliament.

The spokesman for Somaliland National Electoral commission Mr. Mohamed Hirsi Geele held briefing to local media in at his office in Hargeisa. Mr. Geele told the press the reasons attributed in declaring the voter registration null and void. He further pointed out that grave errors arise when it comes to the previous voter registration resulting that many people without registration.