Somaliland: After Deadly Protests, Somaliland Electoral Commission Reviews Results |

The electoral commission of the breakaway region of Somaliland, announced that it would be recounting the votes from Hargiesa district elections, after violent protests broke out on Thursday, Garowe Online reports. Hargeisa residents waited anxiously on Saturday as the NEC issued a much-anticipated statement, saying that it would be recounting Hargeisa district election results. For two days south Hargeisa erupted into protests after preliminary results were released Thursday.

The majority of the protestors were youth supporters of the Haqsoor political party, who were distraught with the results, eventually clashing with police who were sent to disperse the demonstrations, causing fatalities.

At least 3 people were killed and more than 7 injured in the deadly protests that began on Thursday night and erupted again Friday morning in Hargeisa.

Isse Hamari Chairman of the NEC stated that the commission would be conducting a recount and review of the district elections that has come under intense criticism.

“There have been many complaints regarding the district elections, so the electoral commission has paused any results further, until further review,” said Chairman Hamari.

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