The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly Aug. 13-19 2012

Ukraine's Election Web Cameras

The Wall Street Journal reported on security problems associated with online voting. Research resulting in a comprehensive database of incidents of voter fraud found only 10 cases of in-person voter impersonation fraud, the target of sweeping voter id legislation since 2000, a rate of one per 15 million registered voters. Lawrence Norden questions the focus on this rare type of fraud and the lack of concern for voting system security. After a Federal court required expanded early voting the five Florida counties covered by the Voting Rights Act, the State now must come up with an alternate plan that will not face equal protection charges. Early Voting is also an issue in a federal court case in Ohio and a Pennsylvania judge’s decision to leave the State’s voter ID law in tact was immediately appealed to the State Supreme Court. The Vancouver Sun questioned the latest push for internet voting and Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych signed a $125 million bill into law that will install two web cameras in each of Ukraine’s 34,000 polling stations.