The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly – November 11-17 2013

maldives_260Efforts are quietly underway in Congress to reinvigorate measures in the Voting Rights Act that were weakened by a Supreme Court decision last summer. Rick Hasen considers the new argument for voter suppression and whether it is any more acceptable to create procedural barriers for certain voters for partisan advantage. Heather Gerken defended the value of the Presidential commission on election administration. A judge in Iowa suspended a controversial voter purge while court challenges are pending. Election lawyers have arrived in Virginia for the anticipated legal battle over the State’s razor-thin Attorney General race. The two week trial over Wisconsin’s Voter ID law concluded the same day that the State Assembly passed modifications to the law. The State of Western Australia Senate election is headed for a re-vote after almost 1400 ballots went missing and protests turned violent as the Maldives Presidential election was delayed.