The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly November 12-18 2012

Legislation has been introduced in both Houses of Congress to address problems experienced in the General Election. The Cleveland Plain Dealer surveyed the problems in Ohio. The Supreme Court will take up a challenge to the Voting Rights Act. After completing their initial vote count days after the election, Florida considers changes to their election code. Electronic pollbooks failures were a significant contributor to delays at the polls. A Federal judge criticized the Ohio Secretary of State’s directive on provisional ballots. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania consider changes to address problems experience by voters. Concerns have been raised about the security of internet voting in Canada and Ghana prepares for the potential of violence in the run up to their election.

Florida: Recount under way in West-Murphy race | Orlando Sentinel

Tens of thousands of ballots in one Florida county were painstakingly fed through scanners Saturday as U.S. Rep. Allen West clung to hope that a recount could keep the freshman Republican and conservative firebrand in Congress. A judge allowed the recount to go forward in St. Lucie County over the objections of Democrat Patrick Murphy, the unofficial winner of the race. Though the recount is not mandated by state law because Murphy’s margin of victory is above the legal threshold, St. Lucie Circuit Judge Larry Schack said either candidate could still formally contest the election if they believe it was unfair.