The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly April 16-22 2012

In spite of pressure to abandon proportional allocation of delegates, the Republican National Committee rejected proposed changes for their 2016 nomination process. State voter ID requirements were discussed in a House Judiciary Committee hearing. In a case that is likely to be appealed to the US Supreme Court, the 9th District Court of Appeals upheld Arizona’s voter ID law but struck down the State’s requirement that residents show proof of citizenship, at least on federal registration forms. The controversy surrounding municipal elections in Anchorage AK stretched into its third week and a razor-thin State House race in Oklahoma headed to the State Supreme Court for resolution. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board ruled that six Republican “protest” candidates can run as Democrats forcing primaries in all the upcoming recall elections. The Estonian Parliament is exploring measures to address security challenges presented by internet voting and Egypt’s election commission has disqualified 10 Presidential candidates, including three considered to be front-runners.

France: Polls open in France for presidential election | KEYC

Voting began Sunday in France in President Nicolas Sarkozy’s uncertain bid for re-election, with polls showing that many French are dissatisfied with his response to concerns about the economy and jobs. The voting will winnow down a list of 10 candidates from across the political spectrum to two finalists for the decisive runoff on May 6, which will set a course for the next five years in this pillar of the European Union. Polls for months have showed that the conservative Sarkozy – who has been relatively unpopular for months, if not years – and Francois Hollande, a Socialist, are likely to make the cut. “This is an election that will weigh on the future of Europe. That’s why many people are watching us,” said Hollande after voting in Tulle, a town in central France. “They’re wondering not so much what the winner’s name will be, but especially what policies will follow. That’s why I’m not in a competition just of personalities. I am in a competition in which I must give new breath of life to my country and a new commitment to Europe,” he added, urging a big turnout from voters.