Arkansas: House committee advances bill to allow concealed handguns in polling places | Arkansas News

Concealed handguns would be allowed in Arkansas polling places under a bill advanced Thursday by the House Judiciary Committee. The panel also endorsed bill to require the collection of a DNA sample from a person arrested for any felony offense. House Bill 1432 by Rep. Jeff Wardlaw, D-Warren, would remove polling places from the list of places where possession of a firearm is prohibited. Polling sites located inside public buildings or other facilities that prohibit firearms would not be affected, however. “What this one does is it allows it in a country store, where people go in and eat their dinner every day and carry their guns, on voting day they’re not allowed to do that. This bill will allow them to do that. It will also allow churches that allow concealed carry to allow it,” Wardlaw told the committee. Asked if some church congregations might opt out of allowing their facilities to be used as polling places if the bill is passed, Wardlaw said there might be a few and said they would have the option of posting signs prohibiting weapons.

Indiana: New law allows guns at Indiana polling places | WLFI

With election day nearing, it’s important to know your rights at the polls. A recent state law gives a much clearer pictures of the rights of gun owners on Nov. 6. “I think self defense is something everyone should exercise,” President of Students for Self Defense Rights Wesley Allen said. “It’s good you can exercise self defense at Walmart, or exercise it going to the polling locations.” Allen, along with other gun rights activists, are excited to to exercise their right to bear firearms at the polls Nov. 6. That is because a law signed in July 2011 allows any licensed gun owner to openly carry their gun at any polling location in Indiana, except for polls in schools and courthouses.