The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly for September 8-14 2014

scotland_england_260Federal voting rights cases in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin could end up in Supreme Court challenges to determine if Chief Justice Roberts was correct in asserting that the Voting Rights Act still included a “permanent, nationwide ban on racial discrimination in voting.” Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor has appealed Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s decision to deny his request to be removed from the Kansas Senate ballot. A federal court judge denied a request from Ohio Secretary of State John Husted to stay his order restoring early voting cuts and allowing county boards of election to set additional hours while the state makes its appeal. After eight years of appeals, a case challenging Pennsylvania’s use of direct recording electronic voting machines reached the State Supreme Court this week. The Justice Department and several advocacy groups are in court challenging Texas’s voter ID law. while an appeals court reinstated Wisconsin’s voter ID law contingent on further legal action. Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah, vowed to reject any government formed on the basis last June’s election and voters head to the polls in Scotland to determine the fate of their 307-year old union with England.