The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly – December 16-22 2013

recount_260During the federal government shutdown in October, Chinese hackers attacked the Federal Election Commission’s website. Investigations in Ohio turn up very few instances of voter fraud and the Iowa Secretary of State’s use of federal funds for a similar investigation was deemed improper by the Iowa State Auditor. A Federal judge has denied the conservative anti-voter fraud group True the Vote’s plea for intervention in the Justice Department suit against the Texas Voter Id law. After losing ground in the first three days of the Virginia Attorney General election recount, Republican Mark Obenshain conceded to Democrat Mark Herring. The Richmon Times-Dispatch reported on Spooner Hull of Atlantic Election Services, providing a rare glimpse into the third party vendors that supply equipment election services to jurisdictions across the country. Foreign Policy in Focus investigated claims of election fraud in Honduras and Madagascans vote in a Presidential run-off election.