The Voting News Weekly: TVN Weekly July 11-17 2011

Malaysian riot police officers fire tear gas at activists from Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections.

Wisconsin taxpayers paid just under a half a million dollars for a round of six primaries this week in which ‘fake’ Democrats challenged ‘real’ Democrats in order to give the Republican Senators facing ‘real’ recalls an extra month to campaign and raise funds. The election also allowed what officials called a “soft launch” for the State’s new Voter ID law, which will cost those same taxpayers over $7 million to implement. Sussex County New Jersey officials are withholding service and maintenance payments to their election vendor ES&S until they get an adequate explanation and remedy for tabulation errors that occured in several contests earlier this year. The GOP candidate for Kentucky Secretary of State is challenging the incumbent’s practice of allowing homeless American citizens to write “homeless” in the address line of their voter registration application. Egypt announced it would not pursue internet voting in upcoming elections, which were also postponed. Recall fever has reached Arizona, where State Senate President Russell Pearce will face an election this November after petitions were submitted and approved. After their crushing defeat in parliamentary elections last week, the Thailand Democrat Party has challenged the winner of the election, Yingluck Shinawatra in part because she cooked noodles at a campaign event and then provided the results of her culinary efforts to attendees, which thelosing party interprets as bribery. And in Malaysia election reform protesters were met with tear gas and water cannons in what had become a very volatile situation.