The Voting News Weekly: TVN Weekly June 20-26 2011

Jon Husted
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Bills requiring voters to present a photo ID have passed Republican-dominated legislatures in many states and several have been vetoed by Democratic Governors, including Governor Perdue’s veto this week in North Carolina. Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted challenged the Voter ID provisions included in an omnibus election bill by legislators from his own party. Indiana Secretary of White testified before the State Recount Commission regarding the status of his voter registration during the May 2010 primary – a decision on whether he can remain in office is expected next week. In a suspension vote requiring a two thirds majority, the US House defeated a bill that would have eliminated the Election Assistance Commission. An LA Times article reported on the explosion of recall elections across the country and a Washington Post editorial considered how the flurry of GOP-backed changes in state election codes will effect the 2012 election. Maine Governor LePage signed a controversial bill that would end nearly four decades of election day registration in the state, while a coalition of organization vowed to bring the measure to the ballot as a referendum in November. The Bangladesh National Party has announced it will boycott elections using electronic voting and computer scientist David Jefferson writes about the national security threat posed by email and fax delivery of voted ballots.