Verified Voting Blog: Candice Hoke Comments to the FCC on Internet Voting

In her response to an FCC’s question about what can we learn from pilot projects that have tested online voting, Verified Voting Foundation Board of Advisors member Candice Hoke observed that none of the domestic internet voting pilot projects have been properly structured to test for and approximate the risks that would be posed to domestic US elections. Specifically, she noted that these pilots are especially remiss in conceptualizing the risks for elections to Federal and Statewide office, where the fiscal control over billions of dollars is concerned, and the direction of military powers and foreign policy/aid.

Hoke continued: “The Internet voting pilot programs were structured by for-profit vendors, who also reported on their “success” without any independent evaluation and transparency on some critical dimensions. In Hawai’i, the project did report a dramatic drop in the reported rate of voter participation. The pilot, however, did not include any structures by which an assessment could be conducted of whether technical attacks had occurred to intercept, modify or otherwise block voted ballots from reaching the election processing location. Nor did it offer any auditing assessments that the ballots as tabulated matched the ballots as cast by voters. Thus, no conclusions can be drawn about the pilot’s success, and it bears little relation to a Federal or Statewide election context.