The Gambia: Towards a Peaceful Election |

Barely three weeks to the the November 24th Presidential Election, the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has embarked on a countrywide tour, meant to sensitise the people about the mandate of his Commission and also stress the importance of peace during the elections.

Mustapha Carayol’s move is indeed worthy of commendation, as it is only an independent and transparent electoral commission that engages the electorate and stakeholders in election at such a degree. The chairman’s additional advice to village heads to allow all political parties campaign in their respective villages is a testimony to this fact.┬áThe electorate should pay heed to the IEC chairman’s message, because it is peace that can guarantee us a free and fair election, which is fundamental since one of the most fundamental pillars of democracy is the conduct of periodic free and fair elections.

Much more, election is the only effective mechanism through which citizens not only exercise their political sovereignty but also deliver verdict on the management of their destiny and as well make meaningful choices in selecting the best among the people to administer the common good.

Full Article: Gambia: Towards a Peaceful Election.

Full Article: Gambia: Towards a Peaceful Election.

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