United Kingdom: Multi-option vote on Scottish independence has defects, say MPs | The Independent

A multi-option referendum on Scottish independence, further devolution or the status quo would have “fatal defects”, a committee of MPs has found. The Commons Scottish Affairs Committee has accused the SNP of “political opportunism” by refusing to rule out a question on “devo max”. The committee is composed entirely of unionist MPs following the withdrawal of SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford over a dispute with its convenor, Labour MP Ian Davidson. The fourth report from its inquiry into “the referendum on separation for Scotland” is published today and focuses on the proposals for a multi-option referendum.

United Kingdom: Scottish National Party say Electoral Commission’s referendum question refusal is a ‘humiliation’ for unionist parties | The Courier

The Electoral Commission will refuse to consider an independence referendum question proposed by Scotland’s three unionist parties — in a move described as a ”humiliation” by the SNP. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives had announced the creation of an expert panel to devise wording for the ballot, planned for autumn 2014. They had then proposed to have the question tested by the impartial Electoral Commission.

Seychelles: Seychelles election time: new party, new game? | eTurboNews.com

With the general election just a few weeks away now, Seychelles politics are set to change as a new political party, the Popular Democratic Party, is entering the main arena of an election fight for the first time. Long-time opposition leader, Wavel Ramkalawan, following his significant defeat in the May presidential elections, virtually threw in the towel soon afterwards, and in an act of defiance, seems to have propelled his own party, the SNP, into the abyss, too.

First refusing to take part in the declaration of election results, he then went on to stop attending parliamentary proceedings and compelling his party’s assembly members to follow his example, culminating in his declaration that the SNP, as if a piece of personal property, would not participate in the next round of parliamentary elections at all. This resulted in taking the one major opposition to the ruling party, LEPEP, out of the equation, this did not go down well with many of his followers who now doubt not only his wisdom but his rationale and motive.

United Kingdom: Scottish National Party snub ‘means poll will not be policed’ | Scotsman.com News

Funding for the independence referendum campaign will not be properly policed because the SNP is refusing to allow the Electoral Commission to be involved, the UK government has claimed.

The SNP yesterday said it intended to press ahead with plans contained in the 2009 white paper – which state that the Electoral Commission would not have oversight over campaign funding. Instead Holyrood will set up a Scottish Referendum Commission. But yesterday the Conservative Scotland Office minister David Mundell hit out at the SNP’s plans, saying it would “hardly inspire confidence” in the campaign.