North Carolina: Wake County elections board makes first voter ID decisions | WRAL

The Wake County Board of Elections on Thursday waded through 7,940 provisional ballots from the March primary, making decisions on which would be counted, partially counted or rejected. Although county boards and the State Board of Elections give results on the night of an election – Wake County reported results based on 269,664 ballots counted – thousands of ballots wait to be counted until the county canvass. Wake County had so many provisional ballots that staff needed extra time to process them and delayed the bulk of their canvass work from Tuesday until Thursday. The provisional ballots that came to the board Thursday morning were cast due to some administrative problem with the voter’s registration. Among the 3,600 provisional ballots that were deemed eligible almost immediately were those cast by registered voters who hadn’t reported a move within the county and voters whose names were overlooked when poll workers tried to find them in a poll book.