Wyoming: Voter registration flap creates new Liz Cheney controversy | Los Angeles Times

One of the marquee races of the coming political year is the GOP primary fight between Liz Cheney and Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi, which is rapidly becoming less a political contest than a kind of sagebrush soap opera, “As the Cowboy State Turns.” To recap, there has been the flap over Cheney’s improper acquisition of an in-state fishing license; the sisterly feud sparked by her condemnation of same-sex marriage; and a dust-up between the state’s voluble ex-GOP senator, Alan Simpson — who is backing Enzi — and the candidate’s mother, Lynne Cheney, who either did, or did not, tell him to “shut [his] mouth.” The latest controversy involves Liz Cheney’s husband, Phil Perry, and the matter of his voter registration.