Pennsylvania: Larry Maggi, Pennsylvania Congressional Candidate, Could Lose Vote Under Voter ID Law | Huffington Post

A congressional candidate in Pennsylvania may not be able to vote for himself in the November elections, thanks to one of the country’s most stringent voter ID laws. Washington County Commission Chairman Larry Maggi’s driver’s license lists his full name as “Lawrence Owen Maggi,” but his voter registration reads “Larry Maggi” — a small but significant discrepancy under Pennsylvania’s new voter ID regulations. They require the name on the voter registration to “substantially conform” to the name on the driver’s license. The disparity in Maggi’s names caught the attention of Pennsylvania’s Department of State, which notified Maggi in an advisory letter, according to the Observer-Reporter. Maggi, a Democrat running for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, is now pushing back with a new website called “Let Larry Vote” that highlights his potential problem at the polls given the voter ID crackdown.