Iowa: Voter fraud isn’t a problem, county auditor says | TheGazette

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller feels as strongly about preventing voter fraud as Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, who has made it his top priority. Where they part company, however, is that Miller believes current registration and election laws have prevented voter fraud problems, while Schultz is convinced that if he keeps “turning over every stone” he’ll find fraud. So far Schultz, a first-term Republican, hasn’t found any cases of voter fraud. Miller’s not surprised. “Where’s your poster child, Matt?” the Democrat asked. If Schultz can find a person who is committing fraud by voting as someone else, Miller added, “I’ll be right there with him.” Through 30 Linn County elections since he took office, Miller has never received a report of someone voting at the polls as anyone other than himself or herself. “I’ve asked my peers and they can’t come up with an example of an impostor either,” he said. “I think he’s trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.”