New Mexico: Doña Ana County residents confused over voter registration forms mailed by nonprofit group |

Dona Ana County said a group called The Voter Participation Center has sent out voter registration forms to some ineligible voters, including deceased people and non-U.S. citizens. The group is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which said it focuses on helping unmarried women, minorities and people under age 30 register to vote, but some of the forms have mistakenly gone to people who never should have received them. “I got an email from a French couple, French nationals, who said, ‘I don’t know why you’re asking me to register,” Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins said.

New Mexico: Doña Ana County considers using at-large voting centers | Las Cruces Sun-News

Amid rushing the kids to school, zipping through a busy day at work, squeezing in a few other chores and picking the kids up from soccer, gymnastics or guitar lessons, finding time to cast your election-day ballot as important as it may be sometimes falls by the wayside.

That’s especially the case if your memory is a bit fuzzy about where to vote. Was it Alameda Elementary School? Or that community center a few streets away? Or just possibly that neighborhood church used two years ago?
County officials said they’re hoping a proposal up for consideration Tuesday will streamline the process of election-day voting and make it more accessible to voters.

The proposal would change the way the county hosts election-day voting moving it from precinct-based polling places to at-large voting centers.
Instead of voting at a designated precinct or casting a provisional ballot if you show up at the wrong precinct you’d visit to any one of 39 voting centers throughout Doña Ana County, said County Clerk Lynn Ellins, a Democrat.