Oman: Electronic voting system to be used for the first time in Shura elections | Times Of Oman

For the first time in the Sultanate, an electronic voting system will be used for elections to the Shura. The system, called ‘Sawtak’, translates to ‘your voice’ and consists of a touch screen, in which the procedures and steps of the election are explained so that the voter can easily choose the candidate. The design of the system is suited to various categories of voters, including the elderly and disabled people, the Ministry of Interior said. A statement online said, “In light of the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to use the latest modern technology in the electoral process, which makes it easier for voters to cast their votes, the elections of this period will witness electronic voting at all polling stations for the first time.” The Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Chairman of the Main Committee of the Shura Council Elections for the ninth term, signed a contract with the Industrial Management and Contracting Technology Company (AMTAC)to design, supply and install the electronic voting system for the ninth period elections.

Oman: Encouraging response to first phase of elections to Oman’s Majlis Shura | gulfnews

The first phase of elections to Oman’s Majlis Shura began on Saturday with encouraging response from citizens living in GCC countries, especially at the embassy in Abu Dhabi where a large number of citizens queued up since early morning to exercise their franchise. Oman’s ambassador to the UAE, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al Qatabi, along with the staff at the mission, also cast their votes.

Shaikh Mohammad told official Oman News Agency that the overwhelming response reflected the awareness among Omani citizens about the importance of the role assigned to the Shura in the Sultanate. In Dubai, a large number of Omani students, most studying in the northern emirates, turned up at the Consulate to cast their votes.

In Doha, Mohammad Bin Nasser Al Wahaibi, ambassador to Qatar, said that 1,000 citizens had already voted and more were likely to cast theirs vote by evening 6pm.

Oman: Brisk voting in Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry board election – first use of electronic voting |

Large number of voters came to the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) head office here yesterday to elect its board members for the next term. Elections were also held at various branches of the Chamber.

As many as 8,700 voting forms were issued in Muscat alone yesterday, said a senior OCCI official. However, he noted that the number of votes these people can exercise is much higher as one voter may represent scores of his group companies. “One person may exercise his voting for his 40 group companies,” noted the official.