Congo: Elections commission petitions high court for poll delay | Reuters

Democratic Republic of Congo’s elections commission on Saturday petitioned the Constitutional Court for a postponement of presidential elections, formally confirming a poll delay that has created a dangerous political impasse. President Joseph Kabila’s term in office in Africa’s top copper producer expires in December and he is barred by constitutional term limits for running again. However, the elections commission has said the overhaul of voter rolls will last until at least next July. The opposition has accused Kabila, who came to power in 2001 following the assassination of his father, of manipulating a packed calendar of presidential, legislative and local elections to extend his rule. His allies say, however, that he will respect the constitution. The election period was meant to open on Sept. 20, with the presidential vote scheduled for Nov. 27.

Full Article: Congo elections commission petitions high court for poll delay | Reuters.

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