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Long lines formed outside polling stations in Guinea-Bissau on Sunday for a presidential runoff vote intended to restore constitutional order in a country known for coups and unrest. The vote pits Jose Mario Vaz, whose party won a parliamentary majority in April’s first round, against Nuno Gomes Nabiam, who is known for having close ties to military leaders. More than 80 percent of eligible voters took part in the first round, a statistic observers say indicates the country is eager to move past its instability and begin rebuilding the economy with the help of international donors.  The large crowds on Sunday at polling stations in the capital, Bissau, suggested a similarly healthy turnout for the second round. 

“We’re voting peacefully in the interests of Guinea-Bissau and our future,” said 59-year-old Seni Mane as he voted at the same station where the candidates later cast their ballots. “We don’t want anybody who is going to support the military again, and we will discourage any coup d’etat in this country,” he added.

A similar runoff vote was derailed two years ago when the military arrested the prime minister who was then the leading presidential candidate. The junta soon agreed to hand power to a caretaker president, Manuel Serifo Nhamadjo, who has led the nation of 1.7 million to these elections.

Military leaders including army chief Antonio Indjai are concerned about what might happen should Vaz come to power and would prefer a Nabiam victory, said International Crisis Group analyst Vincent Foucher.

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