The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly October 8-14 2012

Courts Block Voter ID Laws – For Now

The Verge examined the security concerns surrounding internet voting. The potential for disruptive crowds of observers at some precincts has sparked fears that voters may be intimidated or harassed or have their eligibility to vote challenged directly. Federal courts have blocked voter ID laws in several States but legal battles are likely to continue after the November election. CBS Miami investigated the programming errors that marred a local Palm Beach election that raise fears of another meltdown next month. Security issues were uncovered in online registration systems in Maryland and Washington. Montana’s campaign donation restrictions were reinstated by a Federal appeals court. The dispute over early voting in Ohio has reached the Supreme Court and South Carolina’s Voter ID law has been put on hold until 2013.

Full Article: Why can’t you vote online? | The Verge.

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