The Voting News Daily: SC primary results stand. Electronic voting the Cheat Box. NJ perfect election storm

South Carolina: Manning-churian Candidate? Alvin Greene nomination stands..Groups want Riverside officials to count the 12,563 absentee ballots that missed deadline…New Jersey faces a perfect storm – because they STILL haven’t enacted their 2005 paper ballot law…Electronic voting, aka “the cheat box” has been rejected by Netherlands, Ireland, German, Italy…

All this and more in today’s voting news below…

AL: 935 paper ballots cast in GOP gubernatorial primary missing *
Davis said Wednesday that the inspector in Precinct 78, which is at Independent Methodist, turned in documentation from the primary election — tapes with vote totals and the cartridges inside the electronic voting machines — but did not include the paper ballots.

“Everything he understood that he was supposed to turn in, he turned in,” Davis said. “There is no indication of any kind of fraud or anything of any improper nature.”

Davis said that county election officials don’t know what happened to the ballots. He said that he has not talked to the inspector.

Davis said that the recount also turned up a problem at Precinct 55, which is in Hillcrest Baptist Church. That precinct showed an overvote of 112 , probably because one of machines broke down, Davis said.

When the polls were closed, the votes from that broken machine were fed into another machine. The cartridge from the broken machine was still counted during the primary, Davis said. Republican Party officials caught the overvote during the recount, he said.

AR: Stone County sheriff dead heat UPDATE *
The Stone County Election Commission met again Monday in a nearly-packed courtroom to discuss the continuing confusion about how to proceed after the recent Democratic runoff election ended in a tie. In the runoff, both candidates, Sheriff Todd Hudspeth and challenger Lance Bonds, received 1,383 votes. An initial recount declared Hudspeth the winner by 5 votes, but after the discovery of ballots that were not included in the runoff the total was corrected to reflect another tie.

CA: Protests planned because of uncounted RivCo election ballots
Activists, union and community officials in Riverside County said Wednesday they’ll fight to have electioneers count 12,563 ballots left at a post office and deemed ineligible.

CA: Registrar of Voters Defends Recent Election Problems

CA: County Clerk/Registrar of Voters (CC/ROV) Memorandum #10180
The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) has brought to the Secretary
of State’s attention that some counties in California have been using the
incorrect fax number to send in their military address lookups to the FVAP.

ME: Charter group rethinks proposals (Portland)

ME: Recount set in Maine Senate primary
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Maine election officials have ordered a recount of ballots in the state Senate District 1 Republican primary.

NM: State To Probe Ballot Box Opening
The Secretary of State’s Office plans to investigate whether Rio Arriba County Clerk Moises Morales broke the law earlier this month when he opened sealed ballot boxes with only his own staff in the room.

NJ: Voting results in New Jersey should not be mysterious
results_in_new_jersey_s.html Gov. Chris Christie should make it his top priority to implement the voter-verified paper ballot and auditing laws that the public demanded and the Legislature enacted in 2005 and 2007.

NY: Elex board to probe Indies’ $$
The state Board of Elections is going to scrutinize the filings of the state Independence Party to determine if it tried to hide $133,000 it forwarded to indicted political operative John Haggerty, officials said yesterday.

PA: Investigations escalate in unresolved North Philadelphia election * Ramos’ attorney Kevin Greenberg told Philadelphia city commissioners he’s found several polling places in Cruz’s 7th ward where machines show more Democratic votes cast than Democratic voters who showed up.

SC: S.C. Dems won’t challenge Greene primary win

SC: ‘Arti-factual’ Election Results in SC; And a Brief History of Recent ES&S E-Vote Failure in Advance of Thursday’s Democratic Primary Protest Hearing

SC: Democrats: Primary Vote ‘Incorrect, Invalid’
Ballots, Machines, Practices Questioned

SC: The Manning-churian Candidate?
The man looked back at Greene’s house with a twisted smile on his face. “I don’t understand that,” he said. “When I seen that thing on TV I didn’t understand it. All them damn votes he had.”

The man paused and shook his head slowly as the dying sunlight filtered through the trees.
“Something ain’t right,” he said.

SC: What Can We Learn From South Carolina? In short, this fiasco shows us how frail our election process actually is and that is frightening in view of the fact the election is the backbone to our democracy, or should be.

SC: A week later, and Greene’s Senate nomination is still a mystery for S.C.

SC: Former reporter blames media for Alvin Greene madness (video)

SC: My Morning With Alvin Greene, Candidate For TIME’s Man Of The Year


Bangladesh: Electronic voting machine (EVM): The cheat box Bangladesh Election Commission is going to use EVM for the first time in Chittagang City Corporation election

Belgium: Belgium 2010 Federal elections for the House of Representatives and 40 Senate seats were held in Belgium on Sunday, June 13.

Voting is compulsory in Belgium, though abstention yesterday climbed up 2.3% to reach 15.9%. White or null votes climbed 0.7% to reach 5.8%.

UK: Bar on people voting ‘must not happen again’
The government is being urged to change polling rules to ensure voters are not turned away in their hundreds again, as happened at the general election.

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