Tanzania: Opposition MPs oppose use of Isles voter register | Daily News

The Opposition from Zanzibar and the Mainland closed ranks and demanded that the permanent voter register (PVR) in the isles should not be used to qualify voters to take part in a referendum to decide on the new constitution, after the constitutional parliament endorses it. Opposition Chief Whip (Chadema) who is also Shadow Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Mr Tundu Lisu (Singida East-Chadema) said ‘shehas’ (sheriffs) have been denying eligible Zanzibaris the right to register as voters in the permanent register because of directives from some senior executive officials. “Shehas have been denying people registration because of lack of residency identity cards required for one to register as a voter, which if not properly checked, can mean that these people will also not take part in a planned referendum,” Mr Lissu argued while debating the 2013 Referendum Bill. 

Full Article: DailyNews Online Edition - Opposition MPs oppose use of Isles voter register

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