Nevada: Washoe officials looking at reports that candidates were left off ballots | Reno Gazette Journal

Washoe County is looking into multiple reports of candidates being left off primary election ballots, officials confirmed Tuesday afternoon. Officials also heard complaints from voters who said Washoe’s new voting machines had offered them a previous voter’s candidate choices, potentially giving them a chance to cast a ballot in races they aren’t eligible to vote in. County Registrar of Voters Deanna Spikula said fewer than 10 voters had been affected by the glitches.  “At this time none of these issues will affect tabulation and again, all voters have successfully cast their ballots at the polls,” Spikula said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Pressed to reassure affected voters’ that their ballots counted, Spikula said she would have to go back and look at the machines after the polls close to conduct a full assessment of ballots cast.

She said some kiosks would not fully display all races or candidate names — particularly those further down the alphabet — because of incorrectly sized ballot displays.

The issue stemmed from machines that hadn’t finished firing up before poll workers removed their poll cards, Spikula said, leaving a “backlog” on the machines.

Full Article: Nevada primary: Ballot problems reported in Washoe County.

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