The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly for November 17-23 2014

voter_id_2016_260Analysts continue to debate the effect of new voter id requirements and other restrictive election legislation on the midterm elections. A poll from the Public Religion Research Institute asked people which they thought was a bigger problem: voter fraud or voter disenfranchisement and the results reflecting sharp partisan divisions. Election Assistance Commission nominee Myrna Perez has withdraw her nomination and has been replaced by Matthew Butler, a former CEO of Media Matters. Arizona state law may require Pima and Cochise counties to recount all 220,000 votes in the race for Congressional District 2 by hand. With over half the State already choosing to vote by mail, some election officials are urging the California to join Washington, Colorado and Oregon and to run all of their elections entirely by mail and election officials in Florida are concerned about the costs of replacing aging voting equipment.  A Parliamentary Committee tasked with investigating the feasibility of digitising Australian ballots has unanimously found that a high-tech solution is still too risky, complicated and expensive to make it a reality in the near term and repeated crashes of the national election commission’s servers have raised doubts about the integrity of local elections in Poland.

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