The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly for June 20-26 2016

so_long_260The Canvass surveyed the “Crazy Quilt” of election equipment that will be used to count votes this November, while  in The New Yorker Elizabeth Kolbert considred the past and present of gerrymandering in US elections. With three active lawsuits that challenge different aspects of Kansas voting laws, county election officials throughout the state are still unsure about which voters will be allowed to cast ballots in which races. According to a survey by the ACLU, only about half of Nebraska’s 93 counties accurately provide voting rights for ex-felons, Members of a federal appeals court expressed skepticism that North Carolina’s 2013 major rewrite to voting laws, requiring photo identification to cast in-person ballots, doesn’t discriminate against minorities. More than five years after Republicans fast-tracked legislation limiting the forms of ID accepted to vote in Texas elections, state taxpayers have picked up the $3.5 million tab for defending the nation’s strictest voter identification law in court. Britain’s vote to leave the EU has sent shockwaves through markets across the world and could impact today’s presidential election re-run in Spain.

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