The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly January 6-12 2014

bangladesh_260Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are calling for an investigation of the Federal Election Commission computer security and operational breakdowns. Rick Hasen looks ahead to anticipated election law court decisions in 2014. Without a quorum since 2010, the Election Assistance Commission is unable to act on charges that Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz misused Federal funds for an investigation into voter fraud. Governor Pat McCrory’s decision to delay a special election for former Congressman Mel Watt’s seat until November will leave the district without congressional representation for almost a year. Despite concerns by some Ohio lawmakers about voter fraud, most of the voting irregularities that elections officials reported during the 2012 general election did not result in criminal charges. A special election in Virginia to fill a state Senate seat produced another cliffhanger, with the two candidates just 22 votes apart. The ruling party in Bangladesh won an election marred by violence and voting irregularities and the Indian Election Commission cancelled plans to partner with Google on a voter information portal due to security concerns.

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