The Voting News Weekly: The Voting News Weekly for October 13-19 2014

voter_id_260Over the past three weeks, the Supreme Court gave Ohio the green light to cut early voting by a week, let North Carolina end same-day voter registration and blocked Wisconsin from implementing a new voter ID law. And early on Saturday morning in an unsigned order, the Court allowed Texas to use its strict voter identification law in the November election. The flurry of legal action on restrictive voter ID laws has raised concern over whether state election authorities can prevent confusion among poll workers themselves—the people who have the de-facto last word in determining whether you are eligible to vote. An appeals court rejected a challenge to a Miami-Dade County law aimed at curbing absentee-ballot fraud. In Georgia, a fight over alleged voter registration fraud in Georgia appears headed to the courts as early voting begins in the state, amid concerns that tens of thousands of Georgians who show up to vote may learn instead that their registration forms were never processed. Members of the two opposition parties in Mozambique claimed they had discovered election fraud by the incumbent Frelimo party and, citing security concerns, the UK government has ruled out proposals for internet voting.

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