Guyana: Political Protesters in Guyana Clash With Police | ABC News

Police fired tear gas and rubber pellets on Tuesday to disperse about 500 protesters demanding an election recount in Guyana, a day after the home of a ruling party politician was reportedly firebombed.┬áLeaders of the opposition Partnership For National Unity said eight people were slightly injured in Tuesday’s clash, including a 79-year-old woman, a retired army chief and the head of the party’s youth movement.

David Granger, a retired army officer who won a seat in Parliament, said the protest was peaceful and said police overreacted. “There’s no reason to use this level of force.”

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  1. Cindy Smith says:

    This is in response to the article on protesters being injured in Guyana. Please be advised that this is only the beginning, after each election, the main opposition rally their supporters who turn to scare tactics, please take a look at the history of post-election environment. Next will come the claim that new elections are needed and the whole cycle will begin again.

    • shonette profitt says:

      We all know that the election wasn’t free and fair. In this day and age, Guyanese are living under a communist rule where black people are disenfranchise and public servants are paid the pickans left over from illegal drug sale. it is a known fact that the present regime is racial and unjust to the poor. if you dont believe this, really live in Guyana just for a year. If you are really following Guyana politics and the protest, you will realise that the people were shot from behind during a peaceful protest march. Cindy Smith sounds like a P.P.P. supporter. Me? I’m a Guyanese who wants either an inclusive government or a change in the ruling of our country.