The Voting News Daily: Oregon special election winds up, Cybersecurity in the news, CO lawsuit settled

In Oregon, voting ends today in a statewide election today on two tax measures. Turnout is expected to be high. Oregon elections are all vote by mail. NPR’s Fresh Air does a program on cyber-crime; hopefully at least some who are interested in the Internet transmission of secret, voted ballots listened to the show. Internationally, the Phillipines’ planned adoption of optical scan voting continues to generate a flurry of news media coverage.

All this and more in today’s Voting News below…

CA: Yee proposes law to let voters register on election day

CO: Primary election to take place by mail
Mesa County voters will go to their mailboxes rather than their local school or town hall to cast their ballots in this year’s primary election.

CO: Secretary of state, activist groups settle voting suit
The Colorado secretary of state’s office and a trio of activist groups have reached a settlement in a voting lawsuit that rattled the state’s election system in the days prior to the 2008 election.

The groups — Colorado Common Cause, Mi Familia Vota and the Service Employees International Union — sued then-Secretary of State Mike Coffman, claiming that he wrongly canceled tens of thousands of voter registrations too close to Election Day. Coffman said the cancellations were for legitimate reasons.

IL: Sparse ballot takes shape next month

IL: Officials: Undervote rule may confuse some,undervoting-0126.article Some county election officials in Illinois worry voters will be confused and voting might take longer on Election Day because of the state’s new undervoting notification rule.

NY: Villages get OK to use old voting machines
Villages across Washington County will continue to use the traditional lever voting machines in their March elections because the new state-mandated machines will not be ready, state officials said Tuesday.

OR: Oregon tax election under national scrutiny
With a surge of last-minute votes expected, Oregon voters will decide Tuesday whether to impose higher taxes on businesses and people whose income is well into six figures.

Polling suggests the results on Measures 66 and 67 will be close, and the outcome may depend on turnout.

OR: County starts ballot count


Fighting Cyber-crime, One Digital thug at a Time


Phillipines: Comelec: Machines have 16-hour batteries

Phillipines: Comelec to open PCOS source code for public review

Phillipines: 6,739 surplus poll machines

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