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A new voting system prototype for Los Angeles County, which will replace a system based on technology from the 1960s, was unveiled Thursday in the city of Los Angeles. “Today’s event was received with great excitement,” said Brenda Duran, a spokeswoman with the Los Angeles County Voting Systems Assessment Project, established in 2009 to create the new voting system. “L.A. County’s core system that is used today has been in existence for almost 60 years. People are excited for a new system.” The new voting system will replace the current one known as “InkaVote Plus.” One of the main drawbacks of the current system: It does not allow for any technical upgrades. “Because of the technology, we knew it was time to replace it,” Project Manager Monica Flores said. She added that with limited voting system options, the county decided to design a whole new system.

The updated system – expected to be in use by 2020 – was created by IDEO. One of the major benefits of the new system is that voters will no longer be required to go to a certain polling place to cast their ballot. They can go to any location in the county within a period of 10 days, Flores said.

The new system utilizes a touch-screen display to provide an interactive ballot for those who go to a polling station. Voters can choose a font size and language to suit them.

All machines will accommodate hearing-disabled voters, able to adjust volume on their audio ballot.

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