Illinois: Kane County clerk says his office can handle Aurora elections for less money | Daily Herald

Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham told officials Thursday he can run Aurora elections for less than half the cost per vote than residents pay now. But at least one county board member — an Aurora Democrat — still has concerns about the county’s ability to take on Aurora’s voting needs without sacrificing quality or busting the county’s budget. Aurora voters will see a question on the March ballot asking if they want to abolish the Aurora Election Commission. Aurora residents who live in Kane County pay taxes to the commission as well as taxes to the county to fund elections. They use the election commission only on voting day.

Fans of abolishing the commission, like county board member Phil Lewis, say the double-taxing situation is reason enough for the county to take over.

“Financially, it makes sense to do this,” Lewis said. “It makes sense to do it for the timeliness of results. Aurora is the county’s second-largest city. It should benefit from the overall resources of the county they live in. I strongly encourage that community to take advantage of this opportunity.”

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