Georgia: Demonstration shows Georgia voting machines could be hacked | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A rapt audience watched as professor Alex Halderman, an expert on electronic voting machines, changed votes in a hypothetical election before their eyes. At a Georgia Tech demonstration this week, Halderman showed how to rig an election by infecting voting machines with malware that guaranteed a chosen candidate would always win. Four people from the audience voted on the same kind of touch-screen machines used in real Georgia elections, casting ballots for either President George Washington or Benedict Arnold, the Revolutionary War general who defected to the British. Despite a 2-2 split in this election test run, the voting machine’s results showed Arnold won 3-1. Halderman’s hack is a warning to Georgia, one of five states that relies entirely on electronic voting machines without an independent paper backup.

Full Article: Demonstration shows Georgia voting machines could be hacked.

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