Croatia: Conservatives seek a vote on curbing minority rights | Reuters

Croatian conservatives campaigning for a change in election laws submitted enough signatures to parliament to call a referendum on reducing the legislative rights of ethnic minority groups, conservative group said on Wednesday. The group said the proposal called for reducing the number of lawmakers in parliament from 150 to a maximum 120. It also would reduce the number of MPs representing minorities and ban them from voting on crucial issues, such as government formation and budget. A vote may be held in September or October, the group said.

“We now have a situation that … minorities can decide on whether the government will fall or survive … which is why we believe they should only deal with issues relating to religion, culture or identity,” HINA news agency quoted Dominik Knezovic, a representative the People Decides group, as saying.

Knezovic argued the initiative was in line with the constitution, and that many members of minority groups voted for general lists instead of the lists of their own groups.

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