Editorials: Weakening encryption is no solution to election hacking | Joel Wallenstrom/The Hill

FBI Director Christopher Wray is right: The cyber threat has evolved into a full blown information security crisis with the ongoing midterm elections becoming the primary concern. Meanwhile, the Senate’s email system is being probed by an adversary and the FBI is looking into the hacking of former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen’s Senate campaign communications. Despite all this, Wray has renewed the call for weakening of encryption, the one measure proven to safeguard our critical information. While unobstructed access to everyone’s information through a ‘magical digital backdoor’ would make investigations easier, it would also make law enforcement’s task of protecting our economy, national security, and personal information practically impossible.

Weakened encryption with an on-demand access to every app and business network is not a solution to preventing cybercrime and election hacking, particularly when neither government nor private industry have a stellar record of protecting access to critical data.

Today, when trust in the integrity of the election process is critical, the encryption backdoor would only undermine law enforcement’s ability to protect our democratic process in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Full Article: Weakening encryption is no solution to election hacking | TheHill.

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