Georgia: Voting groups oppose bill to change Georgia’s voting machines | Atlanta Journal Constitution

Several election integrity organizations are unifying against a bill to change Georgia’s voting system, saying the legislation fails to ensure verifiable election results. The legislation, Senate Bill 403, would replace Georgia’s electronic voting machines with a system that uses paper to some extent. But opponents of the measure say it doesn’t truly commit to paper ballots for audits and recounts.  They’re concerned that the bill allows the state to continue its heavy reliance on voting methods that could be vulnerable to hacking, and it gives county election supervisors the power to refuse to do paper recounts, even in close races. “It’s really important that Georgia gets this right,” said Marian Schneider, the president of the Verified Voting Foundation, a Philadelphia-based organization whose mission is to safeguard elections. ”The voting system that Georgia chooses has to have a voter-marked paper ballot that’s retained by the system and is available for recount and audit.”

… Common Cause Georgia, a government accountability organization, is urging voters to contact legislative leaders to ask them to stop the voting machine bill.

“Georgia voters need a secure and accurate voting system,” said Sara Henderson, executive director of Common Cause Georgia. “This bill simply does not provide that security and would open up our voting process to possible corruption and hacking.”

Garland Favorito, who founded a group called Voter GA to seek secure elections, said the state is on the verge of making the same mistakes it made in 2002 when it switched to electronic voting machines.

The current version of the legislation “sets the stage for Georgia to repeat its voting system history,” Favorito said.

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