Nebraska: Voter photo ID proposal clears committee | Lincoln Journal Star

A proposed constitutional amendment that would set the stage for voter photo ID requirements in Nebraska was dispatched Thursday to the floor of the Legislature where it will trigger a certain filibuster. Sen. John Murante of Gretna, sponsor of the proposal (LR1CA), said he’s not sure whether he can muster the 33 votes required to break a filibuster. “I think it will be close,” he said moments after the measure cleared the Government, Military and Affairs Committee. 

But, Murante said, he is certain that “an overwhelming majority” of the 49 members of the Legislature will support his proposal because “they believe their constituents have a right to vote on it.”

LR1CA would provide for a vote of the people at the 2018 general election on a constitutional amendment empowering the Legislature to enact voter ID legislation designed to “combat voter fraud (and) ensure integrity of the elections.”

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