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Following numerous claims by members of the Republican Party, including the including the President of the United States, that the election system is “rigged”, there have been numerous studies released following the election cycle that have debunked those claims. One of the most notable instances of voter fraud accusations include President Trump accusing residents from Massachusetts traveling over to New Hampshire and voting a second time in the Presidential election (and New Hampshire Senatorial election). However, a new study done by the Brennan Center for Justice and the Washington Post, concluded that there was no credible evidence for those claims. The two studies reported both on the claim that President Trump made about New Hampshire (the Washington Post’s study), although the study produced by the Brennan Center for Justice focused on nation wide voter fraud allegations.

According to the political website, Ballotpedia, there are numerous types of voter fraud and severity that go along with each instance. The types of voter fraud include, 1) Double Voting (aka Ballot Stuffing), 2) Dead Voters, 3) Felons Voting, 4) Voter Suppression and 5) Registration Fraud. These are the five most common instances of voters breaking the law.

The Washington Post published their study after the November 2016 in December and reported that there were only four confirmed cases of voter fraud during the Presidential election. 1) A woman in Iowa who voted twice, 2) A man in Texas voted twice, 3) A woman in Illinois voted on behalf of her dead husband, and 4) A woman illegally filled out absentee ballots in Florida.

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