New Jersey: Vote count glitch probed in Sussex County – ES&S iVotronic | New Jersey Herald

The unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election are in, again, and there are no official winners, yet, but the numbers all match up, unofficially. The computer problems that shut down the counting of votes were solved the next day when a consultant from Elections, Systems & Software, the software provider for the county’s election board, suggested the board should just start over. And that is just what it did.

… The number of voters matched the number of voters recorded on the paper records that poll workers keep at each polling place, McCabe said. And there were no surprises or recall of winners with Wednesday’s tabulations, now unofficially being reviewed by the Sussex County Clerk’s Office, which must confirm the totals before they become official.

The one thing that was officially confirmed Tuesday is that the county has a glitch in the election process, and no one knows what causes it.

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One response to “Vote count glitch probed in Sussex County – ES&S iVotronic | New Jersey Herald”

  1. Frank Henry says:

    Problem: Machine(s).

    Solution: Hand Count Paper Ballots.

    This ensure our “Full Voting Rights” at each and every elections (fed,
    state, local).

    Enough said.

    Thanks and Good Luck,

    Frank Henry

    Election Worker
    Former Election Official
    Election Integrity Observer
    Full Voting Rights Advocate