Wisconsin: Universities Prepare for Wisconsin Voter ID law | WUWM

Last week, UW-Madison announced plans to issue students a special identification card for voting. UW-Milwaukee is following suit. The university said Tuesday it will create a secondary card to comply with Wisconsin’s new photo ID law.

As WUWM’s Ann-Elise Henzl reports, schools are deciding whether to accommodate students. It comes with a cost. Under Wisconsin’s new voting law, a variety of identification cards are acceptable at the polls, including university IDs. However, UW System spokesman David Giroux says no UW ID cards contain all the information the law demands.

“Namely, they all needed to have an expiration date of no more than two years out from their issuance date. And those two dates needed to be printed on the card,” Giroux says.

The lack of such information has left universities scrambling. UW-Milwaukee announced Tuesday it will issue a supplementary ID card, to ensure student voters have acceptable identification.

Full Article: WUWM: News – Universities Prepare for Voter ID law.

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