Iran: Tinder-like app could sway presidential vote | Fox News

Iranians will be able to learn more about their presidential candidates with a simple swipe of their phone. A California-based NGO has helped to create a Tinder-like app for the Iranian smartphone market to provide unfettered information about the candidates ahead of Friday’s national elections. Creators and supporters of the app say it will help Iranian voters make informed choices away from the regime’s propaganda machine that controls the flow of information in Iran.

United for Iran created an Android app, called Sandoogh96 (Vote2017 in English), as part of its “IranCubator” app development project. The group seeks to connect civil activists with app developers to build applications for the 40 million smartphone users in Iran.

“We’ve seen technological advances transform the global human rights movement and mobile-phone apps have the capacity to enable Iranian citizens to more easily and securely organize, assemble, and express themselves,” Firuzeh Mahmoudi, executive director of United for Iran said in a statement provided to Fox News. “This is why Sandoogh96 has the potential to be such a vital tool for Iranian voters.”

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