South Korea: South Koreans Divided Over Lower Voting Age | Korea Buzwire

The debate over a lower voting age is heating up in South Korea, with the older and younger generations clashing ahead of upcoming local elections. Under current laws, South Koreans younger than 19 years of age can’t cast a vote, join a party or participate in election campaigns, while candidates have to be at least 25 years old. President Moon Jae-in proposed a constitutional reform bill last month that would lower the country’s voting age from 19 to 18 when passed. Since then, the issue of a lower voting age has dominated the political discourse, drawing both support and criticism.

Support for the current administration’s move to lower the voting age has gained momentum, following a series of protests against now-jailed former president Park Geun-hye last year that brought many teenagers closer to the political debate.

Students overwhelmingly support expanding voting rights to younger people, according to a survey conducted by the National Youth Policy Institute.

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