Sweden: Snap election could be held on April 7th | The Local

Swedish election authorities have proposed that a potential snap election if the country fails to form a government be held on April 7th at an expected cost of 346 million kronor. The Election Authority’s administrative head Anna Nyqvist met parliamentary speaker Andreas Norlén on Thursday to discuss the practical details of a new election – if one goes ahead. “It is my hope that we will soon have a new government in place, but if the parties do not act in a way that allows for a prime minister to be elected, it is important to me to be prepared to set a date for an extra election,” said speaker Norlén in a written statement.

Sweden’s general election on September 9th left no bloc with an obvious majority – or even strong minority – in parliament and government negotiations have so far yielded little result.

The speaker has four attempts at putting forward a prime ministerial candidate to parliament and two of these have already failed – meaning two attempts remain.

Norlén has already named January 16th as the date when the next prime minister vote will be held and if that too is unsuccessful, a fourth vote will happen on January 23rd.

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