Canada: Senator’s personal data leaked online in apparent Twitter hack | CTV

Conservative Senator Linda Frum’s Twitter account was hacked Sunday night, with those responsible sharing personal information including her drivers license and using racial slurs in their tweets. “hi linda, can u drive us to the mall please?” read one tweet. The tweet then shared an image of both the front and back of her drivers license, showing personal information including her address. No motive for the hack was made readily apparent, but the perpetrators tweeted that they “don’t appreciate corrupt politicians” and included an emoji of the Palestinian flag. The group of hackers linked accounts and referred to themselves as the “spank gang,” claiming to “run twitter.” The hacking comes just days after a high profile hacking incident in Germany, where multiple politicians and officials – including German Chancellor Angela Merkel – had personal details dumped online.

Full Article: Canadian senator's personal data leaked online in apparent Twitter hack | CTV News.

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