North Carolina: Senate overrides Cooper vetoes of judicial district, election bills | Winston-Salem Chronicle

Republican legislators are moving to try to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes, this time on legislation redrawing judicial districts in some of North Carolina’s counties and election security. The North Carolina Senate on Tuesday, June 19, voted to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes of two bills – Senate Bill 486, which tightens election security measures to protect against the threat of outside influence, and Senate Bill 757, which makes changes to judicial districts in four counties. House Republicans would vote either Wednesday or today. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes of two bills adds more uncertainty to already unusual state elections this fall for judges and in races where new political parties want to field candidates. Cooper announced late Friday – less than three hours before a 10-day state constitutional deadline – his decision to block a pair of measures.

One adjusts many judicial election districts in Wake, Mecklenburg, Pender, and New Hanover counties.

The other bill requires criminal background checks for key state and county election board workers and makes more directions about how this November’s elections for judicial races would be administered.

… Authors of the other elections bill said the background checks and other security changes protected voting from outside mischief, potentially by hackers, and the “sore loser” provisions for new political parties conformed to current law preventing losing primary candidates from running as independent or write-in candidates in the fall.

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