Oregon: Senate OK’s Legislation To Improve Oregon Voter Registration | myCentralOregon.com

The Oregon Senate approved legislation Thursday that supporters said will help the state improve voter registration. House Bill 2880 will require state agencies to evaluate their compliance with the National Voter Registration Act and make plans for improving their compliance.

“The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and Oregonians are proud of our high rate of registration and turnout in elections,” said Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum, who carried the bill on the floor.

“We have a responsibility to reach out to as many Oregonians as possible about their right to engage in the democratic process. Understanding how we are registering voters across the spectrum of state services and agencies will help us meet this goal. This bill will increase transparency and efficiency in Oregon’s voter registration system.”

“Our work to include all citizens in the democratic process can always be improved,” said Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson. “This bill will help us integrate Oregon’s voter registration system through technology and increased coordination amongst state agencies. Oregon is already a national leader when it comes to voter engagement. HB 2880 will only help.”

The bill now goes back to the House for concurrence.

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