United Kingdom: Scotland should look to ally with Nordic nations, not EU, says legal expert | The Guardian

Scotland could succeed as an independent country outside of the UK and the EU, a constitutional expert has said, advising it to ally with Nordic countries instead. With Spain threatening to veto any future independent Scotland from joining the EU, the woman who drew up Iceland’s post-crash constitution said the Scots should not fear being outside Brussels’ sphere of influence. Katrin Oddsdóttir, elected to draft a new Icelandic social contract after the financial collapse, said her country’s recovery showed that smaller nations could survive outside big unions. Speaking at the weekend following a lecture during the Galway international arts festival in Ireland, Oddsdóttir said that if there was a referendum to join the EU in Iceland, she would vote no – describing the union as a “gang” and a “bullying association”.

On an independent Scotland, she said: “I still think the people of Scotland could do quite well as independent nation outside of the EU. Firstly, because the EU is in a cul de sac in a way as it facilitates global capitalism which is destroying everything. Scotland could be very progressive and say we will follow the path of Iceland and Norway, which are countries that trade with the EU but are not part of the Brussels camp. I think an independent Scotland should look further north towards Reykjavik and Oslo rather than Brussels.

“My feeling is that Scottish people are looking further in terms of their country becoming independent and there is no condition that that future has to be as part of the European Union.

Full Article: Scotland should look to ally with Nordic nations, not EU, says legal expert | UK news | The Guardian.

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