National: Obama-linked group asks for temporary injunction against Trump fraud commission | McClatchy

A group of former Obama Administration lawyers on Wednesday moved for a temporary injunction against President Donald Trump’s voting fraud commission, saying the committee caused an “immediate blow to the proper functioning of our democracy” when it requested voter data from all 50 states without following legally mandated procedures. The motion, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., by Protect Democracy Project and United to Protect Democracy, cited reports of people withdrawing their voter registration in response to the Trump commission’s request for information — proof, the motion argues, that the court should stop the Trump group from collecting the data now before it does more harm. The motion also argues that the requests “may increase the vulnerability of voter registration systems to hackers” and, contrary to federal law, gives Protect Democracy insufficient time to respond and mobilize the public to its actions.

“We’re going to be arguing that it’s going to be vital for the court to take action right away,” said Larry Schwartztol, an attorney at Protect Democracy.

The motion filed to court, first reported by McClatchy, says “the mere specter of the Commission’s data-collection has caused thousands of citizens to de-register from their states’ voter rolls — an immediate blow to the proper functioning of our democracy.”

Full Article: Obama group files injunction against Trump Kobach voter fraud | McClatchy Washington Bureau.

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